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The night and I were once of the same blood.

Then the night went and stabbed me in the back.



It makes me so mad that those who are least privileged aren’t getting the help they need and those who are more privileged are?

The New Zealand Government, has cut education funding for those special needs children who need all the help they can get, whilst they are still putting millions of dollars into private educational systems. I do not see the logic in that at all, would someone please explain it to me?

I just don’t get it.

I want to do something.

One of my favorite boutiques is Ruby. The designer Deanna Didovich knows femininity oh so well. Mostly each piece is so dreamy, and the colours are beautiful. Living in New Zealand, the majority of women here wear black. Most wear it very well, but I tend to stray away from black.

If I had money to spend, or if I didn’t spend all my money on impulse buys on Trade Me, I would probably live in this boutique. The clothes are love.

Inspired x