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In the back of my mind,
Stands a wall caressed in black.
Closer, sit jittery thoughts, muddled and acidic,
Like a drink served best frozen.

Huddled in the hollow, consumed by distraction.
The only weapon is my mind,
My strength yet my weakness.

Come out they cry,
But simple that is not.
Content in the abyss,
A lie pertained by me.


Everyone has a void, some wear it like a badge, some hide it like a secret.

Some cannot cope with the immensity of despair that the void leaves and try their very best to fill it.

It is human nature to not want to be alone, to want to be wanted.

But loving, which is something else entirely, cannot be truly done until you love yourself.

Others cannot complete you. Others cannot fill your void.

You can pretend they can, and lead them spiraling down into the dark with you while you dress it with kisses and lovely words.

But where does that leave you? More broken than you were before.