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Lingering questions,
too afraid to speak.
Moments of sanity.
I was only asking.
If it made you happy.

Swirling dissatisfaction,
fragments of whispers.
Broken toys,
an abandoned game.
I was only asking,
if it made you happy.

A spiral of fire
whispers quickly in the wind.
A boy stands down,
the bridge is falling.
You go unread,
but I’d rather fight.

I knew this would happen.
Did I?
I sat next to you,
shaking and fighting.
against a wall full of shadowy bricks.
So much writing,
so much silence.
Childs games,
generally speaking.
For you but for not.
For not but forget.
Chinese whispers.
You should feel this and that.
You should do this and that.

Imagine letting go of such caging expectations,

oh, what a thought

Upon the realization,

that I was merely a string

for you to pull along

The heaviness of a goodbye
The lightness of a suitcase
A red eye to absquatulate
the weight of feeling trapped
in a city that beguiled me into complacency.