Shoot me down, little ol’ bird
My eyes are too weary for the wear
This strange sentiment,
Of this bitter cold
 Has numbed me into temptation
What is a life without love?
What is love without hate?

I have become desperate,
Hanging by the tips of my fingers
I don’t think I can take this,
Catch the rain drops in your mouth
You can sing me a symphony,
But please take away the sym.

Shoot me down, little ol’ bird
My lips won’t let me speak
Perhaps I could lay awhile,
In the sound of your silence?
What is it you’re thinking?
Shall I never know?
Your footsteps linger in every room
Mocking my every breath
Oh shadows, why do you disgrace me so?

Shoot me down, little ol’ bird
We all know I’m done for.